Azerbaijani President receives Turkish Minister of National Education-VIDEO-UPDATED

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and Turkish Minister of National Education Ziya Selcuk

© APA | President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and Turkish Minister of National Education Ziya Selcuk

# 27 May 2021 15:04 (UTC +04:00)

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has today received Turkish Minister of National Education Ziya Selcuk, APA reports.

The President greeting the Turkish minister said:

"Welcome to. I'm glad to see you. I am confident that your visit will be very successful and that our relations, as in all other areas, will develop more rapidly in the field of education.

As you know, relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan are at the highest level, and there is no area in which we do not cooperate. As two brotherly countries, we cooperate in all areas on the basis of mutual respect and mutual interests. Education is also an important part of our cooperation. Because, in order to raise the young generation, to be connected to each other, of course, very important steps must be taken in this area, and in fact they are being taken. I am confident that during your current visit, many important issues will be discussed and concrete plans for our future cooperation will be drawn up.

A new era has begun in our country. After the Second Karabakh War, a period of recovery and reconstruction began. I will also present you a book dedicated to the destruction committed by Armenia in the liberated lands. You will see how much our lands have been destroyed. A master plan for the cities is now being prepared, and the construction of schools is planned as part of these master plans. The foundation of a school destroyed by Armenians in Shusha was laid this month. My dear brother, as a gift offered by Turkey during the visit of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the groundbreaking ceremony of the school was also included in the program.

We are currently carrying out very serious reforms in this area. Turkey's experience is very important for us. Additional proposals should be discussed on education, improving the quality of education, as well as closer ties between the youth of Turkey and Azerbaijan. Because we have created such a strong alliance that future generations must take their steps in accordance with this alliance, this brotherhood, and from now on they must be closely linked. I think that various events should be held for this purpose - youth forums, joint educational programs and other events. I am sure that you will discuss these issues with your colleague during the visit".

Welcome again.


Turkish Minister of National Education Ziya Selcuk said:

-Dear Mr. President. Thank you very much for accepting us and taking your time. We came here with the greetings of our President and the people of Turkey, and we came with great joy. We are here with the joy in our hearts of the Karabakh Victory - this Karabakh Victory written in history. In a thousand years, your name will be sung by children in history, and children will say your name, the name of the people, the names of our martyred soldiers, I hope. This is the greatest joy that all Turkish citizens have taken to the streets in recent times, and we are very happy.

At the same time, there can be no problem between us in terms of educational programs, the development of education, the work to be done in the future. We will solve it all. I do not want to deal with the technical aspects of this. My colleague, my friend and I will do whatever is necessary in excess. Don't worry. Your orders are enough for us. In this context, the protocol we signed on professional activities is currently being implemented. We will continue discussions on it today. Our relations continue at a higher level than the official one. We do everything together to speed up the process and work.

Other issues are also being addressed. In particular, your determination and support in the matter of FETO is very important to us. He also gives us great happiness and joy. We are very happy for that. In addition, we will put all the work and processes to be done, solve them together with our friends, and then report to you, Mr. President. Don't worry. We are at the forefront of this work, Mr. President.

I once again express my gratitude and respect for your reception.


President Ilham Aliyev : Thank you. I am very glad that the work on vocational education continues. There is a great need for this. In particular, as I said, today Azerbaijan is on the verge of great creative work, and the training of new educated personnel is very important both in the liberated lands and throughout the country. Therefore, vocational schools should be established in the liberated lands in accordance with the potential of those regions. Of course, we hope for the support of the Turkish side.

I have already instructed that the subject of the Second Karabakh War should be included in history textbooks in our educational programs, schools and universities. Now our relevant agencies, including the Ministry of Education, are working on this issue so that our glorious history can be studied in detail. Because the international press still publishes false and distorted information about the Second Karabakh War. Therefore, we must convey the real truth, this history based on the truth, both to our citizens and to the world. I hope that this issue will be reflected in Turkish history textbooks. In particular, given that Turkey has provided great political and moral support to Azerbaijan since the early hours of the war. My dear brother, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from the first minutes, He made statements from the first hours and said that Turkey stands by Azerbaijan. This was of great moral and political significance. Within 44 days, Azerbaijan restored justice, its territorial integrity and ended 30 years of occupation.

Therefore, our young generation, of course, should know the history as it is. While I was studying, we were studying distorted history. The leaders of the Dashnak-Bolshevik gangs, who shed the blood of the Azerbaijani people, were presented as heroes. When I was in school and college, I read these books, these fake history books. We knew the real history after gaining independence. Heroes were portrayed as enemies, enemies as heroes. That's why we - the people who lived in the Soviet Union - when the Soviet Union collapsed, I was 30 years old, I finished all my education, - then I learned how harmful and fake history was presented to us. Therefore, in the current situation, we must present our ancient history as well as our modern history, and we will work together in this area.


President Ilham Aliyev thanked the Turkish President for the greetings and asked him to convey his greetings to Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has today received Turkish Minister of National Education Ziya Selcuk, APA reports President's Press Service.