TABIB: Decision made on local lock down of infection source in Azerbaijan's Shirvan

TABIB: Decision made on local lock down of infection source in Azerbaijan
# 27 August 2020 10:20 (UTC +04:00)

It has been determined that reason for the increase in the intensity of infection cases in Shirvan city in recent days is medical institutions, TABIB told APA.

To this end, the working group of TABIB has been sent to Shirvan in order to monitor and several faults have been found. In order to remove these faults, some measures have been taken in Shirvan City Central Hospital and Shirvan Treatment-Diagnostic Center.

The decision has been made to not lock down the city as a whole, but to locally lock down the infection source taking into consideration the last recommendations of the WHO chief epidemiologist and the experience gained so far in order to take more serious preventive measures. Thus, the admission of patients to Shirvan City Central Hospital, as well as to Shirvan City Treatment and Diagnostics Center will be temporarily suspended by preliminarily notifying the population in order to implement necessary isolation and disinfection measures. Meanwhile, the treatment of patients whose treatment started before adoption of the aforementioned decision will be continued, and rendering of in-patient and out-patient services to the patients who referred to the hospital after adoption of the aforementioned decision will be organized in the hospitals of the adjacent regions.

Note that the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers will give preference to the measures of local lockdown of infection source on the territories with high intensity of infection taking into consideration recommendations of WHO.