Azerbaijan’s capital going to meet Bull’s year – PHOTOSESSION

Azerbaijan’s capital going to meet Bull’s year – <font color=red>PHOTOSESSION  </font>
# 29 December 2008 11:00 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Ulkar Gasimova – APA. Baku is going to celebrate New Year. As usual, decoration of New Year trees began in the central streets of the city 15 days ago. Tall New Year trees were decorated in some places of the capital. The main New Year tree was decorated in the main square of the capital. Near the New Year trees Father Frost and Snow Maiden are awaiting the children and grown-ups wishing to take photos. About 15 trees have been decorated in the Fountain Square. It costs AZN 2-3 to take a photo with New Year tree, Father Frost and Snow Maiden. Father Frosts complain that people are not much interested in taking photos.
“The number of the people wishing to take photos with us has reduced compared with the previous years. But we are waiting.”
Father Frosts also take orders for New Year. The price of the service depends on the distance. An hour-service costs AZN 50 in the center of the city, while farther places cost AZN 100-200. There is another variant for those who think the service is expensive. Father Frost suits are sold. The coat costs AZN 30, beard AZN 8-10 and cap AZN 3-4. Father Frost toys cost AZN 5-50. A big Father Frost toy cost at least AZN 100. There are also AZN 500-worth Father Frosts in the city.
Prices of Christmas trees changed depending on measures. Small Christmas trees cost AZN10 in the centre of capital, big ones cost AZN 300-400. Sellers acknowledge that there is price rise on trees.
There were not banned pyrotechnical means in shops. Several sellers were held accountable for selling pyrotechnical means.
Various toys were sold in square of fountains at every step. . Prices of balls were up. One of the ball costs 10 copecks.
We want to announce that all theaters in the capital started New Year events. Tickets in Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theatre cost AZN6, AZN3 in Russian Drama Theatre named after Vurgun, AZN 4 in State Song Theatre named after Behbudov, AZN3 in State Children Theatre. The events will last till January 6 in the theatres. Tickets for “Winter illusion” in State Circus cost AZN10.
Baku does not welcome The Year of Ox solemnly in comparison with previous years.
Fireworks in the capital on December 31 were cancelled because of beginning month of Muharram.