New Tunnel-Bridge Complex commissioned in Azerbaijani capital

New Tunnel-Bridge Complex commissioned in Azerbaijani capital
# 25 December 2008 13:19 (UTC +04:00)
The company said the project had envisioned the construction of 4 overpasses and 2 tunnels, as well as replacement of a railway bridge there.
The construction of 3 overpasses at a total length of 1 341 meters on the side roads and 390 meters, as well as a tunnel of 428 meters in length and 9 meters in width has been completed.
In addition to the project, the road section running from Yusif Safarov Street to Khojaly Street was reconstructed.
In the course of construction work on the second part of the bridge, 15 500 sq meters was covered with marble, 5 000 sq meters with the alukobond panels, 132 000 sq meters with asphalt and greening work in 26 700 sq meters.
Stainless railings and lampposts were installed in 11 000 meters, and heating system was established in 25.5 sq meters.
In addition, a 63 meter railway bridge (81 meters with side roads included) was reconstructed in the area.
This Tunnel-Bridge complex is equipped with a special heating system for the first time in the country. The system goes off automatically in 0-4 degrees of frost and shut off when it warms.
This complex is different from others because of the use of pure granite in construction, and stainless steel materials for the railings and lamppost.
s part of this complex, Akkord commissioned a road bridge linking Tabriz Street to Haydar Aliyev Avenue (length - 340 meters and width - 11.7 meters) and a tunnel near the Hotel Excelsior (length - 220 meters, width - 9.5 meters) in July.
The construction of Tunnel-Bridge Complex was launched in August, 2006.