Azerbaijani taxi driver murdered in Moscow

Azerbaijani taxi driver murdered in Moscow
# 12 January 2015 14:40 (UTC +04:00)
APA's Moscow correspondent reports that the incident took place south of the capital on December 27.
48-year-old Azerbaijani Hyundai Solaris driver went missing on December 27. The driver was last seen on December 27 while driving in the area he lived. Afterwards, the taxi company the Azerbaijani driver worked for informed law enforcement bodies of his disappearance.
As it turned out, the 48-year-old Azerbaijani driver was killed.
As a result of search operations conducted by law enforcement authorities, the citizens of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan were arrested on suspicion of murder. They admitted that they were involved in the murder of the lost Azerbaijani driver, also confessing to getting in the car of the Azerbaijani driver as a passenger in the Puchkovo settlement on December 30.
While in the car the criminals shot the Azerbaijani driver in his head with a traumatic pistol, and then chocked him to death with a belt. They buried the body at a short distance from the scene.
The Tajik and Uzbek citizens also admitted that they had killed another Azerbaijani taxi driver working for the same taxi company as the last victim, adding that this driver too was first chocked to death, then buried. They also confessed to taking their victims’ money (10-15,000 rubles) and cell phones.
However, law enforcement authorities believe neither of the crimes was committed for robbery, suggesting that the acts of murder might have taken place as a result of rivalry between two major taxi companies. One of the companies possibly ordered the assassination of the other’s drivers for entering its market.
The owner of one of the two companies is of Azerbaijani origin, says the APA correspondent to Moscow.
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