Son of Azerbaijani MP Etimad Ismayilov attempts suicide opening veins

Son of Azerbaijani MP Etimad Ismayilov attempts suicide opening veins
# 24 December 2008 15:36 (UTC +04:00)
Defendant Abbas Jafarov provided information, APA reports quoting Dostup agency.
Abbas Ismayilov said that Etimad Ismayilov was sent to punishment cell recently, went on hunger strike, attempted suicide opening veins yesterday and asked not to bring him to court hall.
“Ismayilov did not receive medical treatment yesterday and he will be humiliated if he is brought to the court hall in such condition”, he said.
Irrespective of request of Abbas, Ismayilov was brought to the court. Suddenly his health became worse. He received first aid. All lawyers petitioned not to bring him to the court. He is kept in duty room at present.
Press Service of Chelyabinsk Court said that Ismayilov needed first aid. Adviser Yulia Karpinskaya noted that he was kept in duty room till judges called him.
“Defendant opened his veins. Men on duty saw his blood. They called ambulance and defendant received first aid. Doctors said that there was not any danger for his life. Ismayilov is kept in duty room till conclusion of trial today,” she said.
Father of Ismayliov, Chairman of Justice Party MP Ilyas Ismayilov declined to give information. Elkhan Shukurlu, Deputy Chairman of the Party told APA that Ismayilov attempted suicide on December 19. To him, it is expedient to provide information about the issue in some days.
“They want to cover up breach of laws and make him be silent by this way. Ismayilov raise a claim against leadership of the court to bring him to suicide,” he said. Ismayilov was sent to punishment cell after attempting suicide.
Etimad Ismayilov is the owner of “Avroasiya” Industry-Finance Group LLC. One of the companies under the patronage of Chelyabinsk Governor owes Avroasiya Industry-Finance Group LLC $1mln. Arbitration Court has also given document confirming that the company owes the company owned by Etimad Ismayilov.
Etimad Ismayilov was detained by the officers of Russian Federal Security Service in Domodedovo airport on March 25, 2008. Charges under articles 159.4 (swindling) and 274/14 (money laundry) of Russian Criminal Code were brought against Etimad Ismayilov on March 27.