Maria Pejcinovic Buric: “European Council is interested in finding long-term peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia”

Maria Pejcinovic Buric

© APA | Maria Pejcinovic Buric

# 22 June 2021 19:33 (UTC +04:00)

“The European Council is interested in finding solutions of long-term and sustainable peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia,” said Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, Maria Pejcinovic Buric during her performance at the summer session of PACE, APA’s European bureau reports.

She noted that the consequences of war are always severe, and it takes time for wounds to heal and confidence to be re-established.

“We support the works of the Minsk group. Our representatives have immediately visited Baku, also Yerevan after the peace between the two parties. The post-conflict environment was very difficult and as the European Council, the work that we can do is to take measures for the establishment of confidence in the places damaged by the conflict”, said Secretary-General.