Azerbaijan should open embassy in Israel: MP

Asim Mollazade, Azerbaijani MP

© APA | Asim Mollazade, Azerbaijani MP

# 11 November 2022 13:49 (UTC +04:00)

"Armenia does not want to take a step in the direction of peace," said Deputy of Azerbaijani Parliament Asim Mollazade at a joint meeting of Parliamentary Committees on Law Policy and State Building, Defense, Security, and Counter-Corruption, Human Rights, International, and Interparliamentary Relations, APA reports.

Deputy has noted that Azerbaijan should strengthen its work in this direction: "The forces, which carry out terrorism activity, may also take the step against Azerbaijan as well. Foreign intelligence of Azerbaijan should strengthen its work. Our Embassy should be established in Israel. Our activity regarding the solidarity of world Azerbaijanis over the recent years is not satisfactory. We should allocate relevant funds for the promotion of the Azerbaijani language, and Azerbaijani culture in this direction, we should establish a relevant Fund. Azerbaijanis' defense of rights and getting an education in their native languages can be realized through the Fund. Voice of the world Azerbaijanis should be loader. A network of Turks and Azerbaijanis should at least be established and be against a system of provocations against us. It is also a method. On the other hand, work in the direction of establishing a single Turkish educational system, a single alphabet is slowing down. We should involve our scientists in this work. The issue of allocation of few funds for science is raised. If we talk about fundamental science, we do not have an opportunity to allocate billions of funds for it. However, we can allocate funds for the culture of Azerbaijani people, the science system regarding language."