Conference held in Ä°gdir University within Azerbaijani Week in Turkey

Conference held in Ä°gdir University within Azerbaijani Week in Turkey
# 27 October 2011 18:30 (UTC +04:00)
Baku – APA. In connection wit the 20th anniversary of the independence of Azerbaijan a conference held at İgdir University within Azerbaijani Week in Turkey. The event organized by the Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) under the President of Azerbaijan Republic and Center for Strategic Studies under the Turkish Foreign Ministry, APA reports.

The speaker of the meeting, the head of the Turkish CSS Byulet Arash spoke about the development of Turkish-Azerbaijani relations over the past 20 years. According to him the relationship was fraternal, rather than strategic. This is clearly seen on the participation of Azerbaijan in the aftermath of the earthquake in Turkey’s Van region. "Normally, a country in need of help, encouragement to other states, those willing, etc. This is the usual diplomatic procedure. But the Azerbaijani-Turkish relations are at a high level, slice after a disaster, bypassing all diplomatic procedures, brotherly country sent three aircraft with humanitarian aid in the van. Azerbaijani MP Fazil Mustafa expressed his regret at the latest victims of a terrorist act and the earthquake in Turkey. According to the deputy of immediate assistance in Azerbaijan is quite natural, as well as the brotherly Turkish people immediately came to assist Azerbaijan in 1918. In those years, Turks under the leadership of Nuru Pasha arrived to assist Azerbaijan in order to save the country from the massacre committed by Armenians”,- he said.

Speaking about the development of relations over the past 20 years, Mustafa said that the closest position of the two countries and the most discussed point in these relations is the issue of Nagorno Karabakh conflict. Turkey has a problem in the southeastern region of the country, with Northern Cyprus, Greece, and Iraq. Since Azerbaijan is not indifferent to the problem of the rights of South Azerbaijanis, the situation with Lake Urmia, the pressure from Russia. But the Karabakh problem common for to Turkey and Azerbaijan.

The MP speaking about the Karabakh conflict said that in this case, only Turkey has a royalty-free support to Azerbaijan. In foreign policy of Turkish state the problem of Nagorno-Karabakh has an important place. A Turkish authority with different stands raises this question. The position of Turkey to the ongoing processes in the region and improvement of Turkish-Russian relations also reflect the position of Azerbaijan. The rapprochement between Ankara and Moscow may have a positive impact on the settlement of the Karabakh conflict.

He notes that it is no secret that over the Karabakh issue stands Russia.

During the discussions on the opening of Turkish-Armenian border said that opening the border will expand economic opportunities in Turkey. But Turkey has an open border with Georgia. Economic benefits from the openness of the Turkish-Georgian border is only 150 million dollars a year. For such a large state like Turkey is a very modest sum. Here apart from economic interests, there are also political interests. Armenia still see the mountain of Agra in Turkey as its symbol, and has not given up all claims to the eastern Turkish land. In such circumstances, the restoration of relations with Armenia, contrary to the interests of Turkey. On the other hand, Russia will not allow the possibility of rapprochement between Ankara and Yerevan.

The deputy drew the attention of the meeting military parade held in the Armenian capital, this year. At the beginning of the Russian military went with the Russian flag, and only after Armenian soldiers with the flag of Armenia. This shows that Armenia is completely depend on Russia and even is not able to create a semblance of independence. Therefore, Turkey’s rapprochement with Russia will play better role in the Karabakh conflict than rapprochement with Armenia.

Fazil Mustafa also offered some suggestions for strengthening of Azerbaijani-Turkish relations.

Coordinator of the Center for Strategic Studies on Turkey Javid Veliyev speaking at the meeting said that after independence, relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey are based on feelings, but then the relationship switched to the practical stage. Within 1993-2003 the development of these relationships was observed in the military, political and economic spheres.

Note that, MP Fazil Mustafa, APA Director General Vusala Mahirgizi, Coordinator of the Center for Strategic Studies on Turkey Javid Veliyev, ATIB Director for Projects and Research Kenan Aslanli, professor of the Diplomatic Academy of Azerbaijan, Elnur Soltanov was attended at the “Week of Azerbaijan" in Turkey.

Similar conferences held in Trabzon, Erzurum and Kars.
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