Anti-Azerbaijan conference held in Iran - PHOTOSESSION

Anti-Azerbaijan conference held in Iran - <font color=red>PHOTOSESSION</font>
# 24 October 2011 12:02 (UTC +04:00)
The students of Qom Religious Science School from Iran, Azerbaijan and other countries delivered speeches at the conference claiming that there is an Islamophobia policy in Azerbaijan and supporting the struggle of Azerbaijanis against it.

Moderator of the event, Ayatollah-Uzma Mohammadbagir Tahriri criticized Azerbaijan and condemned the ban on hijab in the secondary schools. “Such actions don’t become Azerbaijan, which is a member of the Islamic Cooperation Organization, and it can’t be continued further. Azerbaijani people champion for Muslim-Shiah values. These people saved their faith during the communist period and Azerbaijani youth will not allow disrespect to the divine order”. Tahriri also focused attention on the arrest of leaders of the Azerbaijan Islamic Party. “Baku must lift a ban on hijab in the schools and release the hijab prisoners”.

Leaders of the Salvadorian, Congolese and other Muslim communities also spoke about the problems of world Muslims.

Participants of the conference made a statement demanding to release the leaders and activists of the Azerbaijan Islamic Party, who were arrested during the protest actions in Baku.