Boyukaga Hadjıyev: I do not make wife write reference like some others

Boyukaga Hadjıyev: I do not make wife write reference like some others
# 29 May 2007 15:50 (UTC +04:00)
FC Baku head coach Boyukaga Hadjiyev interviewed by APA-Sport

- Do you intend to continue career in FC Baku?
- I met with club president Hafiz Mammedov. He told me the strategy for new season. We know what Baku’s intention is. I will continue to train the club as well.
- Is the president satisfied with third place in national championship?
- Yes, he is satisfied. The team managed to win gold and bronze medals during last 15 months I worked here.
- Will there be any replacement in the party?
I think the team needs new “blood”. Some footballers in the club received proposals. I and general manager Zeynal Mammedov stated a few days before the championship finish that we won’t keep any footballer against its will. We will see off the players who are eager to play for other clubs.
- Is there anyone who appealed to leave the camp?
- Not yet. We will gather on June 5-6 and I think all issues will be discussed then. We will begin the preparation for Intertoto cup in time.
- What is your target in this competition?
- We will try to qualify a stage. Our rivals are Moldova, Switzerland and Germany. We will do our best to move ahead.
- Intertoto cup prevents the team from the preparation for new season. Besides, there is little time for training...
- We faced such problem last year when we joined both Intertoto and Union Cup. We sent all footballers to have rest a few days ago. But Ramin Guliyev and Ramazan Abbasov will not rest as they are attending national team camp.
- Would you join Intertoto cup if hafiz Mammedov had banned it?
- It is up to president to lead the policy of the club. I am an executor and follow his instructions.
- Why did the team fail to score gold medal in the championship?
- The guilty of our failure are those who prepared calendar of the national team. We had many blunders within two months. I ask national team leadership to refer to the coaches while preparing the calendar.
- But they consult coaches...
- They do it with Agaselim Mirjavadov and Vagif Sadigov. I mean coaches of all top division clubs.
-As far as we know, you attended Coaches’ Council meeting...
- I have never joined the meeting and I don’t have a slight intention to.
- Didn’t you receive invitation?
- Those who join the Coaches’ Council meeting want to be included in the national team. I don’t have such intention.
- But you can give some advice at the meetings...
- Does Diniyev lack assistants in national team? All coaches suffer from two matches within two monthes? I wonder why Agaselim Mirjavadov, Asger Abdullayev or Gurban Gurbanov doesn’t raise the issue at the meetings. Are all waiting for me to do it?
- Maybe they don’t consider it a big trouble.
- A virtuous trainer like Mirjavadov cannot ignore such a trouble. It is impossible that Asger Abdullayev or Vagif Sadigov didn’t see it. I am not like other coaches in one case. I always say my thoughts directly.
Do you think third place is a failure after the gold medal in the championship?
- If it is a failure, we should find the reason. Money never had such influence in the championship before. We should bear in mind that there is always discontent and disgust with money. Baku is the only team that money doesn’t decide everything here. Our president has created good atmosphere in the club.
- How did you meet Khazar-Lankaran’s championship?
I sit together with Khazar-Lankaran hea coach Agaselim Mirjavadov in A grade courses. He mentioned the match with Baku a few days ago in the seminar. We could have won gold medal if Leandro Gomesh had used opportunities in second rotation. Inter deserved its place. FC Olimpik should have dropped both Inter and MKT-Araz behind in the table because it displayed good play in second rotation. I think it is because of Fabio Luis Ramin, not oour former footballer Pathe Banguara. Third place is not a bad result at all. Besides, Baku’s budget is less than ambitious clubs.
- What can you say about Neftchi’s play?
- I expected Neftchi to lose points because each rise has its fall. After 6 victories in a row Gurban Gurbanov should have replaced the players. I did it last year and won the championship.
- Gurban Gurbanov is not experienced enough as a trainer...
- It is his problem. I won’t wear a suit if it doesn’t suits me.
- Are club legionnaires intend to leave the camp?
- All are free to go. Our 6 footballers are over 30. They are not leaders of the team. Their injuries are connected with their ages. So, we have to rejuvenate the party. I will discuss the issue with Hafiz Mammedov on May 30. We will transfer some players joining Champions League and UEFA Cup.
- Do you think Gomesh and Ladaga have become self-confident after they were picked to national team?
- Gomesh and Ladaga have changed after they were picked to national team.
- Do you mean they have become lazy?
- They began to ignore people. They don’t regard opponents any more.
- Do you need such players?
They are having rest in motherland. Gomesh’s deal has already expired. We will call them back if necessary. But we don’t force anyone to stay with us. I have heard captain Ramin Guliyev wants to abandon us. We will make a decision on him too. We can afford to transfer any footballer we like.
- Is there any legionnaire that the team needs him most? You stated before that Senegalese keeper Khalidu Sissoko is a half of the team.
- Sissoko is the only legionnaire I need. Unlike others, we intend to keep him in the crew.
- Will “5+2” limit made in AFFA conference affect your activity?
- It will have no affect on us. We will probably play with fewer legionnaires next season. We picked promising players from our reserved team. Three years ago Azeri footballer had no money to take a bus but now those who are paid $50,000 demand $100,000. I am unaware of the deal. Baku is not a club with high budget.
- Will former vice-president Nail Aliyev return Baku?
- It is up to club president to hire and fire the workers. I am interested in the team only. I don’t interfere in others’ business and don’t let anyone to interfere in mine. I am an educated man. I graduated from the faculty of history. I don’t make wife write reference like some others.
- Do you receive proposals from other clubs?
- There are many proposals. I am leaving the country after May-30 discussions for a few days.
- Do you have discussions with foreign clubs?
- I am going to meet some figures there.
- Why do you leave Baku if everything satisfies you?
- If I had intention, I would have left previous season. I received a lot of proposals after Baku won 8 encounters in a row and won the championship. I think any trainer would be happy to work with Hafiz Mammedov. I am ready to work free of charge for him. In hard times it was Hafiz Mammedov and Zaynal Mammedov who didn’t let me down.
- What is the reason that you escaped the media for a long time?
- There were many publications on my resignation on request. I preferred to keep away for a while. Now I am waiting for their comments after Baku took third place. /APA-Sport/