Imankhan Sultani says Ramin Musayev demonstrated cut disc

Imankhan Sultani says Ramin Musayev demonstrated cut disc
# 23 May 2007 13:31 (UTC +04:00)
“Ramin Musayev put on a show by demonstrating journalists a cut disc”, former FIFA referee Imankhan Sultani told APA-Sport.
Sultani refutes all rumors about the match between Neftchi and Olimpik.
“The disc is cut. I had information about it before. I knew my voice was recorded. Everybody knows the person I talked on the phone”, he said.
Sultani said rumors that he demanded money award for the match are groundless.
“I would never allow such deals. The rumors about $30,000 award are groundless. The person I talked with was Ramin Musayev. He told me that he would invite me to a party if i conduct the match well. I know who Ramin is in good relationship with. They shouldn’t interfere in other’s business”, he said.
Sultani said his refereeing was not biased against Neftchi.
“I was not biased against Neftchi. They shouldn’t blame me for defeat. Both goals were scored after blunders. Linesman made a right decision of corner kick after which Olimpik managed to equalize. I couldn’t see the scene as I was far. Besides, the goal was not scored directly with corner kick. Why Ramin presents the disc after so many days? They had a game with me and so did I. Musayev didn’t protest against my refereeing in Neftchi - Khazar-Lankaran match. They couldn’t have because Neftchi won that game. There is no article on punishment for phone talk. They shirk responsibility and try to wash sin before the leadership”, he said. /APA-Sport/
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