French riot police sent to Calais to end fight among migrants

French riot police sent to Calais to end fight among migrants
# 03 January 2015 23:30 (UTC +04:00)

According to reports on Saturday, over a hundred French riot police forces were deployed to Calais to end the clashes between Afghan and African migrants, which have left seven people injured.

“It was a big fight involving 200 migrants. We have had ones of this size before,” said Nicolas Honore, a Calais police official.

According to Christian Salome, a volunteer who provides food to the refugees, the clashes broke out after migrants found out that there are not enough trucks to make it possible for all of them to move across the Channel to Britain.

“Some of them had been drinking, especially the Africans, which can cause tensions with the Afghans who do not drink,” Salome said.

Calais is the gathering place of hundreds of illegal migrants who want to reach Britain aboard trucks that leave the French port for Britain on a daily basis.

The reports say more than 2,300 refugees, mostly from Syria, Sudan and Eritrea, currently live in the outskirts of Calais in poor conditions.

According to an investigation conducted by the British daily, The Guardian, at least 15 migrants, including young women and teenagers, lost their lives in and around Calais in 2014.

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