Ukraine's President says Russia will be forced to talk, thanks Russian protesters

# 25 February 2022 11:14 (UTC +04:00)

In his video message to the Ukrainian people early Friday morning, President Volodymyr Zelensky said "sooner or later, Russia will have to talk to us about ending this military operation, about ending this invasion, and the sooner this conversation begins, the less Russia's losses will be," APA reports citing CNN

Striking a defiant note even as Russian forces advance on Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, Zelensky said: "We are on our land, we have the truth, they cannot destroy our character. Russian 'Kalibr' missiles are helpless against our freedom."

Zelensky also welcomed protests in Russia against the invasion.

"To all citizens of the Russian Federation who are coming out to protest, I want to say we see you. It means that you heard us," he said.

On Thursday, anti-war protesters held small demonstrations across Russia, according to independent media and monitoring organizations — even as they faced arrest and police threatened to disperse crowds by physical force.