Denmark may allow US troops on its soil, pact in the works

Denmark may allow US troops on its soil, pact in the works
# 11 February 2022 05:45 (UTC +04:00)

Denmark might open the door to US soldiers and military equipment on its soil as part of a new bilateral agreement to facilitate the troops' movement in Europe, APA reports citing Euronews.

"The United States has reached out to Denmark with an offer of bilateral defence cooperation," in addition to Nato, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced at a news conference on Thursday.

The potential new Danish-American defence cooperation deal “is a breakthrough after many decades" of a policy against allowing foreign troops to be stationed on Danish soil, she told the local media.

"The exact form that this collaboration will take has not yet been defined, but it could include the presence of soldiers [and] US military equipment on Danish soil," she added.

The negotiations for this future agreement have not been precipitated by the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine, the Danish Prime Minister said. However, she added that the situation "illustrates" the need for enhanced cooperation.

Defense Minister Morten Bødskov told reporters that no American military bases would be established in Denmark. He declined to comment on where US troops would be placed in the country.

"NATO and the United States are the guarantors of our security, which is why we stand together with the United States when Western values such as democracy and freedom are challenged," he also said.

The Nordic country, which fought alongside the US in Iraq, has become one of Washington's closest allies in Europe over the past two decades.

The US currently has troops deployed in Poland, Germany and Romania.