President Ilham Aliyev: Those seeking to intervene in business betray Azerbaijan

President Ilham Aliyev: Those seeking to intervene in business betray Azerbaijan
# 26 October 2015 09:34 (UTC +04:00)

He made the remarks on Oct.25 during the ceremony of commissioning of new installations in the Ethylene and Polyethylene Plant of "Azerkimya" Production Union in Sumgayit.

The president said that decisions, laws and orders adopted recently aim to eliminate artificial obstacles for businessmen to work freely and in a comfortable environment, to invest in the country, to create new jobs and further develop Azerbaijan’s business environment.

“Today, all conditions are created for the improvement of the business environment in Azerbaijan. There is political will, several laws were amended, new rules are applied, and of course, public control must become even stronger. Because in some cases, their activities are intervened, they face unreasonable demands and are requires illegal payments. All this will come to an end. In all cases, administrative measures and penalties will be continued. Those seeking to intervene in business betray Azerbaijan as the successful development of the country depends on the development of business. There are public policy and political will of the president. In this case, the state structures are not here to obstruct, on the contrary, they must help create conditions and open up new opportunities for the development of business,” President Aliyev added.

The head of state said he has warned about it many times.

“I repeat: whoever does not take heed will be punished. Both the public and entrepreneurs now see that we have begun taking concrete steps,” the president stressed.

He added that the fight against corruption and bribery will continue.

“State agencies which interfere in business activities will be penalized. The public already see it and will see. We have a very strong political will, which relies on the support of the Azerbaijani people. And all our initiative are praised, approved, and supported by the people. Without this support, we would not be able to do our work at all,” said the president.

The head of state said he believes the country will reach the next year with success.

“Once more, I invite all entrepreneurs to invest in Azerbaijan. If there is any interference in their business, I say to them: inform us right away, raise your voice. Public scrutiny should be stronger. Any signal is reacted to, investigated, and if confirmed, necessary actions are taken,” the president concluded.