Ambassador: "Most of opportunities of increasing gas supplies to Europe are related to Azerbaijan"

Lee Litzenberger. U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan

© APA | Lee Litzenberger. U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan

# 16 February 2022 17:00 (UTC +04:00)

"Start of taking steps for further diversification of energy sources of the region has become more important due to Russia's actions against Ukraine that violate stability and gas shortage in Europe. Southern Gas Corridor (SGC) and Azerbaijan may play a role here," said Lee Litzenberger. U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan at the round table dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the US-Azerbaijani relations, APA-Economics reports.

"There is a potential to increase capacity of SGC twice, it will require certain time and investments, but I think it is time to start these processes. Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) is potentially a way to take Turkmenistan's significant gas reserves to global markets.

Certainly, countries and companies should have relevant decisions for it," Ambassador added.

According to Lee Litzenberger, the US considers that opportunities of the SGC may be expanded and may carry additional gas to Europe.

"Azerbaijan has recently held talks on Turkmen gas, which could potentially expand the capacity of Turkmen gas coming to Azerbaijan through Iran. We are aware of having this option, I am not sure this is a long-term solution, but surely, it is clear that this will be beneficial at present. So we are open to all opportunities in order to increase gas supply to Europe and the majority of them are related to Azerbaijan," said the ambassador.