Azerbaijani MP proposes increasing compensation for demolished houses in Sovetsky

Azerbaijani MP proposes increasing compensation for demolished houses in Sovetsky
# 16 March 2018 11:32 (UTC +04:00)

At today’s plenary session of the Azerbaijani Parliament, MP Elmira Akhundova proposed increasing the compensation for the demolished houses in Sovetsky locality, Baku.

“Given the devaluation of manat, we were expecting the government to increase compensation for dilapidated houses in Sovetsky that are to be demolished. But still, only the previously calculated amount—AZN 1,500—is on offer. Considering small-size houses make up the majority in this area, it would be better to provide housing for the residents in new apartment blocks,” she said.

The MP noted that the practice has already been applied.

“As far as I know, a square meter of such state-funded apartments comes to a total of 500 manats, with repairs included. That is to say, 1,000 manats can be saved per square meter. As a result, a significant amount would remain in the state budget and plus the residents will be satisfied. As for the owners of larger houses—those covering an area of 60 to 80 square meter, the compensation for them should be increased to at least 2,000 manats taking the inflation into account. This would be fair from a social perspective,” she added.

Akhundova said that the pavements of central streets in Baku are being reconstructed to support disabled people.

“This is a good thing. But it would be better if relevant bodies took a look at Baku’s secondary streets because the asphalt cover in Baku’s secondary and third streets, is in poor condition, holes have formed, and the pavements are generally not comfortable to walk on. It also hinders people's comfort, and damages the city’s image. Given the fact that Baku is turning into a tourist destination, they should pay attention to it,” she noted.

The MP also underlined the importance of launching the Baku-Astara highway as soon as possible.

"I would like the Baku-Astara highway to be launched as soon as possible because the roads further from Salyan are in bad condition. I want to know when this road will finally be launched. This is one of the most pressing problems of the south,” she added.

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