ANIP leaves Public Chamber – UPDATED

ANIP leaves Public Chamber – <font color=red>UPDATED </font>
# 18 April 2011 15:00 (UTC +04:00)
ANIP’s press service told APA that the party’s representation in the Public Chamber and further activities were discussed at the meeting. The Political Council passed a decision to stop ANIP’s activity in the Public Chamber.

The statement issued by the Political Council says that ANIP is one of the initiators and founders of the Public chamber. The main target of the Public Chamber was to introduce an alternative view to the society, prepare alternative projects and show alternative power to the authorities.
“The chairman of the party said repeatedly at the meeting of the Coordination Council that establishment of commissions, formation of organizations in the regions was the priority.

The party’s position was to ensure the joint activity of most political parties, public unions, non-party intellectuals in opposition to the authorities. But unfortunately, the Public Chamber digressed from its targets, restricted its activity only to holding rallies. This prevented unification of the wider spectrum of opposition, establishment of regional organizations was left on the back burner, no measures were taken to involve non-party persons.

The purpose was to hold rallies in the unauthorized places. It resulted in the government’s repressive steps, the arrest of dozens of opposition activists, beating, caused the calm of the protest in the society. The regrettable attendance of the April 17 rally in comparison with April rally is assessed as its result.

Basing on it, the ANIP Political Council declared that the Public Chamber digressed from its mission, did not take the responsibility for misleading the wave of protests in the society.
The Party deactivated its activity in the Public Chamber: “AMIP condemns the forcible steps of the government, tits repressive activity against peaceful people, the limitation of the right of freedom of assembly affirmed by the constitution, demands to liberate the persons arrested during the rallies, putting an end the criminal cases launched on them and call the political government to approach to this thought patiently”.

We declare that after that we will work for goals set by ourselves as an oppositional party and call the political forces to the cooperation on it.
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