Baku hosts anti-corruption forum - PHOTOSESSION

Baku hosts anti-corruption forum - <font color=red> PHOTOSESSION </font>
# 15 April 2011 09:46 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Ramil Mammadli – APA. Baku is hosting an anti-corruption forum on the initiative of Azerbaijani Commission to Combat Corruption, Prosecutor General’s Office and the information and cooperation network of the NGOs combating corruption, APA reports. Coordinator of the information and cooperation network of the NGOs combating corruption Alimammad Nuriyev said President Ilham Aliyev underlined the importance of fighting against corruption and certain activities had been carried out to prevent corruption.
“The forum puts forward important tasks before the civil society. I think the relevant department of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the information and cooperation network of the NGOs combating corruption should sign a Memorandum,” he said.

Fuad Alasgarov, Head of the Department on Coordination of law-enforcement agencies of the Presidential Administration, member of the Commission to Combat Corruption, said there should be close cooperation and permanent format in the fight against corruption.
“A number of tasks have been determined to ensure the sustainable development of economy, also activities to maintain macroeconomic stability, strengthen healthy competitiveness, prevent monopolism, enhance tax base, continue investment programs and investment-oriented policy. The factors causing corruption are different. Economic, institutional, social, cultural factors are especially differentiated,” he said.

Fuad Alasgarov also spoke about the measures arising from the decrees concerning the activity of Interior Ministry’s Highway Patrol Service and State Customs Committee.
“Under the decrees, with the view of improving social protection of the employees of these agencies, 25 percent of the fines collected by these agencies will be added to the monthly wages of their employees. Henceforth, the fines will be paid by bank and plastic cards. This system will also be applied in the migration service soon,” he said.

Prosecutor General, member of the Anti-Corruption Commission Zakir Garalov said they were interested in establishing useful relations with NGOs. He said Azerbaijan was always struggling against the corruption, but concept of anti-corruption measures according to the international standards has begun since 2003. Garalov noted that they achieve prevention of crimes as a result of taken measures: “We will implement reforms in the Anti-Corruption Office under the Prosecutor General”.

Head of the OSCE Office in Baku Ali Bilge Cankorel delivered speech on the theme “International cooperation on combating corruption”. He said the virus of corruption was a trouble weakening democratization of the society and destroying economy. “The work done in Azerbaijan, preparation of legislative basis in this field is a part of important measures. It is important to give priority to the supremacy of law. It arises from the world experience. Experiences of other countries might be used in this sphere”.

Delivering speech on the role of anti-corruption struggle in the process of integration into Europe, EU Representative in Azerbaijan Roland Kobia spoke about the negative impact of corruption on the development of the country and society. “The corruption causes public dissatisfaction, weakens supremacy of law and all system suffers from that. It shocks the society as well. Low income also causes corruption”.

Speaking about the ways of struggle against the corruption, Kobia said Azerbaijan had all opportunities to struggle against this problem. “The society should support the government in its struggle against the corruption. Anti-corruption struggle is among the Azerbaijan’s commitments before the European Union. If Azerbaijan is interested, we can assist the government in preparation of the anti-corruption program and realization of the projects. We want to see Azerbaijan as a stable and prosperous country”.