Azerbaijani President: “In Azerbaijan, all peoples and all representatives of nations live in an brotherhood atmosphere as one family“

Azerbaijani President: “In Azerbaijan, all peoples and all representatives of nations live in an brotherhood atmosphere as one family“
# 08 July 2010 20:51 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijani President emphasized that generally in all regions of Azerbaijan are built modern hospitals, health centers and institutions. State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) very actively participates in this works. The hospital also established by the means of the SOCAR. Therapeutic and diagnostic centers are being built in other regions. This is a sign of very strong social policy, because human health is our priority issue.

Aliyev also noted that this hospital has all the offices, including maternity. In recent years, the infant mortality rate in Azerbaijan is falling, mainly because there are advanced features. In short, this hospital will stand guard over Balaken residents’ health. I hope that doctors will adequately perform his duties.

“To use the modern equipment installed here, of course, need a special skill. There will be training courses. Today there were other important events in Balaken along with the opening of the hospital. Today we celebrated the opening of the Olympic Centre. This is the result of attention on sport in Azerbaijan. Today, I also attended the opening of a new modern hotel. I think that this will be an important factor in drawing tourists’ attention on Balaken. The hotel is as world-class hotels", - President Aliyev said.

Head of State noted that today was laid foundation of small hydroelectric power station in Balaken for to improve energy security in district. This is the first step. According to the program in the coming years Balaken required to build 10 power stations on the rivers. “We are working to enhance the full potential of the area. Health, education, sports, culture, tourism, industry - that is all regions of Azerbaijan, including Balaken, must evolve. Thanks to the work done here in recent years, changed shape Balaken, the city became more beautiful and more modern. He went into a number of developed cities of the world level. If we consider that in Balaken very beautiful nature, beautiful natural environment, it is indeed a city that has its own special place on a global scale”, he said.

”Balaken is multinational region. It is our great heritage. In Azerbaijan, all peoples of all nationalities live in an atmosphere of brotherhood, as one family. Has never been discrimination on ethnic grounds in Azerbaijan in the past or now and I am absolutely sure will never be in the future. In international organizations, Azerbaijan is also evaluated as a model country where ethnic relations are built on a high level. Our policy in this area has one goal - in Azerbaijan, all peoples of all nationalities live comfortably, has all the rights, lived freely” Azerbaijani President said.

All the nations living in Azerbaijan, including all the fraternal peoples of the Balakan region fought for the statehood of Azerbaijan and now play a very active role in strengthening of the statehood of Azerbaijan. Every citizen must work actively to strengthen the native state, to be a patriot, with honor to fulfill his duty. Then, Azerbaijan will always be in development, and our country will become stronger, said Ilham Aliyev.

President Ilham Aliyev said giving instructions and recommendations related to the management capacity of the new medical facility: “Every citizen should, at least once a year to come here just to pass examinations. Today, modern science has moved forward so that if a timely detects any disease, it can be cured. We do not even need to go abroad, there are all conditions. Excellent equipment, which is available in leading hospitals in the world, is here. I see that there are excellent doctors. Now they have to further raise its level. All work must meet the latest standards. It is my third visit to Balaken. But for to come here again should be such a wonderful reason. Today the reason is a beautiful hospital, Olympic complex and a hotel. We and local leaders should work well that there be much such wonderful events that I visited often”.

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