Fresh Israeli air raid on Gaza wipes out entire family

Fresh Israeli air raid on Gaza wipes out entire family
# 29 July 2014 17:29 (UTC +04:00)

Neighbors rushed to the scene of the attack in Khan Yunis to pull the bodies of the victims out of the rubble on Tuesday. Witnesses said several children are among the casualties.

At least 100 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed and many more injured since Zionist regime threatened to escalate the war on Gaza Monday night.

Since July 8, Israeli warplanes have been pounding numerous sites in the Gaza Strip, demolishing houses and burying families in the rubble. Israeli forces also began a ground offensive against the impoverished Palestinian land on July 17.

Medics say Israeli forces are using unconventional weapons against the civilian population in the besieged territory. This comes as a Norwegian doctor in the besieged coastal has described the horrors of the ongoing Israeli war.

Israel also used depleted-uranium and white phosphorus shells in the besieged region during the ongoing and previous assaults.

The lethal bombs violate all international conventions and are considered as banned weapons in civilian areas.

The overall death toll among the Palestinians in more than three weeks of Israeli attacks has neared 1,200. More than 6,700 others have been injured.

International bodies and human rights groups say civilians account for the majority of the victims of the ongoing Israeli war.Women and children make the bulk of the civilian casualties there.

The UN is expected to launch an investigation into the Israeli regime’s war crimes in the Palestinian impoverished territory.