Pakistan PM: War with Iran in no one’s interest

 Pakistan PM: War with Iran in no one’s interest
# 27 September 2019 11:34 (UTC +04:00)

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan during an interview with US media said on Thursday that war is not a solution to any issue and conflict with Iran would serve nobody’s interests, APA reports citing IRNA.

Speaking to ‘MSNBC’ TV channel during his New York visit, the premier said that it is in our interest that there is peace in Iran and Afghanistan adding that conflicts should always be avoided.

“If there is a conflict with Iran, our country or the developing countries would get the real beating because oil prices will shoot up and create imbalance in our budgets so it is in the interest of actually the world that Iran conflict does not take place,” he said.

The premier said that US President Donald Trump has asked Pakistan to play a mediatory role to reduce Iran-US tensions.

Current development is very difficult for a while but I am an anti war person, I do not believe that wars will solve problems.

“You go after one problem and gives birth to five other different problems, it has unintended consequences, we have 70,000 people in war against terror,” he noted.

The Prime Minister during the interview also touched upon Kashmir and Afghanistan issues and Pakistan’s economic problems.

Meanwhile addressing Asia Society in New York, Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Iran-US tensions we hope to play a big part and I have met President Hassan Rouhani, of course President Trump has asked me to play a part.

Every war is a miscalculation says Prime Minister as he advocates for maintaining peace in Persian Gulf and other regions. He said war is miscalculated in a way that you go after one issue to resolve it you give birth to other issues.

“I really believe that anyone who thinks to settle issues through war, they need to have their head examined,” said Prime Minister.

“I have also talked to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on reducing the tensions, we are trying our best,” he said.

The primer added it’s a complex issue and we will try our best but we don’t know how far we will be successful.

He said that if the war starts with Iran, the oil prices would go high and cause more poverty in the world. “We should do everything to avoid war,” said the Prime Minister.

He said Pakistan is also playing a pivotal role in Afghan-led peace process to establish peace and stability in Afghanistan.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan has been hosting more than 4 million Afghan refugees.

He said Pakistan has presented unprecedented sacrifices in war-on-terror and Pakistan Army has carried out a number of successful operations against militancy in the country.