Iraq and Syria recall ambassadors over Baghdad attacks

Iraq and Syria recall ambassadors over Baghdad attacks
# 26 August 2009 09:22 (UTC +04:00)
Baghdad-APA. Iraq and Syria summon their ambassadors amid a deepening row over Baghdad’s accusations against Damascus of hosting militants who bomb Iraqi cities.

The Iraqi government recalled its envoy home on Tuesday, two days after broadcasting a taped confession that linked ousted Iraqi agents in Syria to a recent terrorist operation in the war-torn country.

During the aired confession, a man identified as Wissam Ali Kadhim Ibrahim said a Syrian-based Baathist leader, Sattam Farhan, ordered the attacks.

Syria vehemently rejected the claims by the Iraqi government regarding the bloody attacks in Baghdad and summoned its ambassador hours later in retaliation.

Earlier, the Iraqi cabinet had issued a statement, calling on Syria to extradite Farhan and the other alleged mastermind, named Mohammed Younis al-Ahmed, to Iraqi authorities.

Many supporters of Iraq’s banned Baath party, who had to leave the country following the ouster of executed dictator Saddam Hussein, are thought to have taken refuge in Syria - also ruled by a branch of Baath party.

The retaliatory recalling of envoys comes despite a statement from an al-Qaeda cell in Iraq, who claimed responsibility for the attacks and said the bombings were to "wreck the bastions of infidelity" in Baghdad.
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