Kerry: U.S. hopes Pakistan drone strikes will end 'soon'

Kerry: U.S. hopes Pakistan drone strikes will end
# 02 August 2013 03:18 (UTC +04:00)

Kerry told a Pakistani television station that President Barack Obama has a "very real timeline" for ending the strikes.

"We hope it's going to be very, very soon," Kerry said, according to a transcript of the interview provided by the State Department.

"I believe that we're on a good track. I think the program will end as we have eliminated most of the threat and continue to eliminate it," Kerry said.

He added that the cessation depends on "a number of factors" and that Washington is working on it with the Pakistani government.

The United States ramped up strikes in the tribal region in the first few years of Obama's presidency, but the number of strikes in Pakistan has since dropped significantly, in part because of al Qaeda's decline in the country and more U.S. focus on threats from al Qaeda groups in other countries, like Yemen.

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