FAA cancels 'National Defense Airspace' over Lake Michigan

FAA cancels
# 12 February 2023 23:45 (UTC +04:00)

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has cancelled a "national defense airspace" over part of Lake Michigan, just hours after closing the airspace, APA reports citing Sputnik.

"Pilots who do not adhere to the following [procedure] may be intercepted, detained and interviewed by law enforcement or security personnel," the organization warned in the initial announcement, adding that such pilots may face deadly force in the air.

The FAA is yet to clarify as to why it initially banned civilian air traffic from the area.

Earlier, the FAA declared a "national defense airspace" over Montana in response to an alleged unidentified flying object. However, it was later established that it was a "radar anomaly," and no object was discovered.

Nonetheless, Matt Rosendale, the Republican representative for Montana, claimed that the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORCOM) had confirmed to him that there was an unidentified object hovering in US airspace again.

“I am in constant communication with NORCOM and they have just advised me that they have confidence there IS an object and it WAS NOT an anomaly. I am waiting now to receive visual confirmation. Our nation’s security is my priority,” Rosendale tweeted.

The development comes as an unidentified flying object was shot down over northern Canada on Saturday, marking the third time in a week that US fighter jets were dispatched to take down UFOs in North American airspace. On February 10, a US F-22 destroyed an unidentified object in Alaska airspace, while a week ago, F-22s shot down a Chinese balloon off the coast of South Carolina. The US claimed that the Chinese balloon was a surveillance airship, while Beijing insists that the dirigible was engaged in scientific research and inadvertently blew off course.