Heavily armed militiamen kill 30 in central DR Congo

Heavily armed militiamen kill 30 in central DR Congo
# 10 February 2017 22:21 (UTC +04:00)

At least 30 people have reportedly been killed Friday by militiamen who attacked Tshimbulu town in Kasai-Central province in Democratic Republic of Congo, a local leader told Anadolu Agency, APA reports quoting Anadolu Agency.

Local leader Ambrose Kale said the militiamen who attacked the town were identified as Kamuina Nsapu, a group initiated by a traditional leader called Kamuina who had been killed by police in August 2016. The militiamen are now allegedly avenging their leader's death by killing civilians and looting their properties.

''Militiamen attacked the town in the morning from three ways. Armed with AK 47 guns, they attacked as several groups and shot civilians indiscriminately,'' said Kale.

Police officer Francis Mende said, ''it is unfortunate that the attack early in the morning by heavily armed militiamen has led to death of 30 people.The army repelled the attack and recovered guns from the fleeing attackers.''

He said same militiamen also attacked villages on Thursday near Tshimbulu. Six of them were killed by the army, he added.

Last January, the militiamen made an incursion into the same town and over a dozen people were killed.

There are several militias in Democratic Republic of Congo. Initially those groups were started up by communities to guard people against armed robbers, but later the recruited youth became unruly and started attacking and looting property of innocent people.

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