Khazar TV to select personnel through competition

Khazar TV to select personnel through competition
# 17 September 2007 11:44 (UTC +04:00)
He said that process of documentation on leasing equipment, office belonging to Azerbaijani representation of Turkish Samanyolu TV channel has not yet been ended.
“On the other hand, we are not satisfied with the equipments of Samanyolu, we should buy new equipments. And we need time for it. Negotiations are being carried out on buying materials, we have already transferred money. The equipments are supposed to be brought to Azerbaijan soon. We intend to start our activity in early October. STV can broadcast till we start,” he said.
Hajiyev stated that programs regarding science, culture and education are not broadcasted more in Azerbaijani TV channels said that Khazar TV has been established to remove this emptiness.
“We will try to do our best for it. We will have meeting at the end of the month. We will probably achieve agreement on broadcasts there,” he stated.
Hajiyev said that main personnel of STV will be employed in Khazar TV.
“80-905 of them are due to be employed here. Naturally, we will hold competition on the employment of extra personnel. We will prefer professionals who have experience in television sector in the competition,” he said.
The founder refuted reports on connection of Khazar TV with the circles linked with Samanyolu.
“It is inexact report. We will lease building of Samanyolu and it does not means that Khazar TV is connected with Turkey, or it is the follower of Samanyolu. On the other hand, one of the newspapers reports that as if I said that opposition will not be given place in Khazar TV. I was not answered question about it and I said nothing about it. I only said that the main place will be allotted for broadcasts on education and every Azerbaijani can participated in the debates,” he said.
Hajiyev also stated that he is the founder and director general of the TV channel. He said that “Xabarlar” (News) program will be broadcasted in the TV channel, but a bit later. He did not rule out that Khazar radio can start. /APA/