Azerbaijan will start population census next week

Azerbaijan will start population census next week
# 10 April 2009 11:10 (UTC +04:00)

“We have started preparation since 2006. 24,000 people have been hired and trained to conduct the census. We have set up 19 000 counting stations across the country and we appointed one instructor per 5 headcounters, and 7 instructors form a counting station. There will be coordination among headcounters and instructors. Every station will count about 17 000 to 18 000 people. Each station will have 25 headcounters and each headcounter will count 450 people on average,” he added.

According to him, foreign nationals will be counted with the help of embassies and consulates.

“Those who have not been at home for more than a year will not be counted. Information about people who have not been home for less than a year will be updated on the knowledge of their neighbors and acquaintances,” he added.

In his words, the census questionnaire will contain 35 questions - 29 private questions (about work, employment, etc.), and 6 about housing conditions.

He also the government allocated AZN 8 million for the census.

After the 10-day census, census papers will be submitted to the State Statistical Committee within a month as from the second half of May.

The data will be entered into the computer database and 10 booklets on various regions of the country and 1 booklet on the entire country will be published. The census process is slated for completion in mid-2010.

Arif Veliyev said the Committee is unable to count how many people live in Azerbaijan’s Nagorno Karabakh that is under illegal occupation of Armenia.

“So, in our census we will consider the number as equal to the results of the 1989 census which counted 120 000 Azerbaijani-citizen Armenians living in Nagorno Karabakh since it is impossible to specify these data,” he added.

The population census is held every 10 years. According to the latest official data by the State Statistics Committee, Azerbaijan’s population reached 8.753 million as at April 1, 2009.