Equipment, taken as trophies in the Patriotic War, used in exercise in Nakhchivan-PHOTO-VIDEO

Equipment, taken as trophies in the Patriotic War, used in exercise in Nakhchivan-PHOTO -VIDEO
# 08 January 2022 17:18 (UTC +04:00)

Armenian military units that could not stand in front of the Azerbaijani Army during battles in the 44-day Patriotic War left their military equipment and weaponry at the battlefield and fled. 20 mm Zastava anti-aircraft artillery devices, which were among numerous military trophies, taken by our Army from the enemy on the battlefield, have been repaired and included in the armament, APA reports.

Our servicemen demonstrated high professionalism and military mastery in the tactical-special exercises held in air defense units of Combined Arms Army,

The anti-aircraft missile, radio technical and anti-aircraft artillery units have been raised with the "Alarm" signal during the special-tactical exercises on "Defeating strikes of air enemy".

According to the exercise plan, our attacking units had to fight against conventional enemy UAVs and air attacks of aviation aircraft.

In order to provide air protection to our advancing units, anti-aircraft missile, radio technical, and air defense units of land troops carried out tasks to prevent the attack of conventional air enemies operating at different altitudes.

Airstrike means and land targets of conventional enemy have been destroyed with 20 mm "Zastava" anti-aircraft artillery units, which were installed to MT-LB caterpillar combat equipment and taken as trophies during the Patriotic War, repaired, and included in the armament.

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