ANAMA: According to preliminary assumption, mine exploded in Cirag village of Kalbajar was "TM 62-M" type anti-tank mine

Instructor of the ANAMA

© APA | Instructor of the ANAMA's Goygol Regional Center

# 15 December 2022 16:09 (UTC +04:00)

The area where the mine explosion occurred in the Cirag village of Kalabajar was inspected and the evidence was taken," an instructor of the ANAMA's Goygol Regional Center said, APA's correspondent to the area where the mine explosion occurred in Kalbajar reports.

He noted that according to the preliminary probability, mine that exploded in the area is a "TM 62-M" type anti-tank mine.

"The evidence we have taken is similar to the parts of that mine. Note that the "TM 62-M" type mine is activated by pressure and contains 7.5 kilograms of explosives".

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