Iranian FM: US sanctions endanger world order

 Iranian FM: US sanctions endanger world order
# 24 May 2019 08:11 (UTC +04:00)

The Iranian Foreign Minister called on the international community and regional powers to resist US sanctions lest the world will fall into disorder during his visit to Pakistan Thursday, ONA reports citing Iran’s IRNA News Agency.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Thursday the international community must take practical steps to counter US-imposed sanctions in order to stop Washington’s aggressive policies.

In his speech made shortly after his arrival to Islamabad, Zarif warned that failure to stop US’s “hegemonic policies,” will result in the world falling into “hands of those who don’t believe in laws,” IRNA report says.

He also called on regional powers to act on improving stability in the region.

“Regional states have to stand against the sanctions for their own interests,” he said.

Foreign Minister Zarif arrived in Pakistan Thursday to propose a project of interconnecting the two neighbouring ports: Iran’s Chabahar and Pakistan’s Gwadar via a railroad.

“We believe Chabahar and Gwadar complement each other and we can connect Chabahar and Gwadar and then through that can connect Gwadar to our entire railroad system from Iran to the north corridor through Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey,” Zarif said, adding that Iran plans to connect its railroads with Iraq as well.

Chabahar is a free trade zone established in 1992, which rose to prominence due to its status as Iran’s only open ocean port and its proximity to oil and gas resources. Currently, Iran has made the development of Chabahar its top priority policy, according to Zarif.

Speaking at Chabahar earlier Thursday, Zarif said interconnection of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran will bring the Iranian allies closer together, which should contribute to the development, stability and security of the region, IRNA report says.

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