«Asan İmza», along with other innovative projects of Azerbaijan, presented at 2015

«Asan İmza», along with other innovative projects of Azerbaijan, presented at  2015
# 25 June 2015 03:10 (UTC +04:00)

Baku- APA.United Nations Public Service Forum in Colombia On June 23-26th city of Medellin, Colombia hosts the 2015 United Nations Public Service Forum which is being attended by the Azerbaijani delegation headed by Mr. Inam Karimov, the Chairman of State Agency on Public Service and Social Innovations. During the forum “ASAN Service” will be granted the United Nations Public Service Award 2015 for the improvement of public services in the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is worth to note that only 18 of 71 states represented with 638 nominations have been awarded the highest prize, APA reports.

In his speech, delivered at the forum’s opening ceremony on presentation of the concept of ASAN and its achievements, Mr. Karimov informed the participants about the public service improvement and modernization reforms implemented under the guidance of President of Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Ilham Aliyev. A presentation has been made on successful activity of “ASAN Service” as a component of those reforms and other important measures taken in line with the development of e-government such as introduction of “Asan Ä°mza” mobile e-signature and “AsanPay” multifunctional online payment and administrative infraction notification system.

It was noted that queries of 5 mln. citizens have been satisfied at “ASAN Service” centers over the past two years and this points out high efficiency of performance of ASAN concept. It was stressed that the development of e-government in Azerbaijan and existence of such advanced technologies as «Asan Ä°mza» create a solid ground for transition to the ubiquitous concept of mGov (mobile government) which provides for easy access to public services via mobile devices. “You can create and establish a company with the mobile telephone. It will take you 5 minutes without going anywhere. So, e-Government is changing its type, nature – we want to have mobile government. We are changing from eGov to mGov. Nevertheless you have many services in mobile devices, what means that in mobile telephone you will have your government in your pocket, so the government will be too close to you” – said Mr. Karimov in his speech.

The perspectives of transition from e- to mGov for next one year are being

considered at “ASAN Service” at the present time.

The closing and awards ceremonies of the forum will take place on June 26.