One more underground tunnel opened in Baku - UPDATED

One more underground tunnel opened in Baku  - <span style="color: red;">UPDATED
# 28 December 2012 13:57 (UTC +04:00)

Baku – APA-Economics. Today, an underground tunnel was opened on the intersection of Hasan Aliyev Street and Ataturk Avenue, Baku. The event was attended by President Ilham Aliyev.

APA-Economics reports that Minister of Transport Ziya Mammadov said that this project considers regulation of traffic around Ganjlik metro station and Galaba square, as well as elimination of jams and provision of movement without trafficators. 6 road intersections in 2,470 m in length with 6 entrances, 10 exits, as well as 10 passages are planned to construct within the framework of this project.

Road intersections will join Ataturk and Vagif Avenues, as well as Ataturk and Tabriz Avenues through Ahmad bay Agaoglu Street. Thus, the vehicles moving on Tabriz Avenue will be able to get out to Darnagul highway via the tunnel without entering Ganjlik circle.

Besides, it will be possible to direct the cars to Khoyski Avenue by short turnings. The cars moving from Vagif Avenue will pass under Khoyski Avenue – through 3-stored underground parking, and enter Ataturk Avenue and finally move over Hasan Aliyev Avenue.

Besides, it was noted that total area of roads to be constructed on the project is 110 m². After completion of project, the traffic intensity in Galaba Square will increase. Road junction in Vagif Avenue crosses over existing tunnel of Ganjlik metro station.

The tunnels can withstand a 9 magnitude earthquake. The infrastructure was renewed in accordance with the project. Communication lines were changed. Drilling works on project were completed by 80%, underground drilling works – by 100%.

According to project, additional two exits are planned to construct in Ganjlik station. Exit of Ganjlik station to Ataturk Avenue is planned to change to the centre of Galaba Square.

About underground tunnel in the intersection of Hasan Aliyev and Ataturk Avenues, total length of the tunnel is 546 meters, width – 16.5 meters, number of traffic strips is 4. Construction works are being conducted by "Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation" OJSC. Interior lighting system in the tunnel was projected by Azerbaijani Progress Communication Company jointly with Italian well-known design companies. The system is controlled by computer. The searchlight on the ceiling of tunnel operates in several regimes – daytime, night and emergency conditions. On the traffic strip, a lot of directional lights were constructed. A generator was used for energy supply of tunnel. After completion of construction, existing park will be reconstructed capitally.