Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev: ‘Main part of infrastructure projects must be completed by the year-end’

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev: ‘Main part of infrastructure projects must be completed by the year-end’
# 16 January 2013 08:58 (UTC +04:00)

The head of state noted that budget-2013 is the biggest budget in the history of independent Azerbaijan: ‘Expenditures of state budget makes nearly AZN 20 bn. These funds will allow us complete the main infrastructure projects. Deliberate policy, at the same time, planned steps have been calculated so that all the infrastructure projects to be completed by the end of 2013. As a result of implementation of these projects, the entire infrastructure of the country will be renewed. We must act so as not to face any shortcoming in our infrastructure sphere starting from next year’.

President noted the priorities among the infrastructure projects: ‘These priorities are reflected in the State Investment Program already for some years. State investments, of course, serve the improvement of infrastructure projects. But we see that the state investment bring revival to private sector. Private investments are also expected at large amount’.

Aliyev reminded that in 2012, over $22 bn was invested to Azerbaijan: ‘It can be considered this level will be maintained this year, too. So, investments by both the state and local, foreign private companies will strengthen our country more’.

As to priorities, the head of state expressed that infrastructure projects are started to implement in sequence: ‘The efforts first of all have been directed to establishment of country’s energy potential. New power plants in the capacity of 1500 MW were put into operation in the past years. Azerbaijan exports its energy to neighboring countries, as well. ‘South’ power plant, which was launched this year, will improve the situation of the country I this sphere’.

President Ilham Aliyev noted that construction of ‘North-2’ power plant is being continued: It will serve to creating 400 MW of additional power’.

The head of state said that consumption increases year by year: ‘If during the past years winter differed from summer, thus, in winter energy consumption was more in winter, less in summer. Now this difference has been eliminated. Living standards of people rises. Now, the air conditioners are used more in summer. This was not so in previous years. Demand, population, economy are increasing. We must make our generation powers more than the demand. But there are still problems in the lines. This year’s investment program includes funds for renewing of the lines. These works fulfilled in time’.

President noted that launch of Fuzuli Water Power Station last year was a great step in this sphere: ‘This is a station in the capacity of 25 MVt. Construction of stations in the capacity of 1, 2, 3, 5 MVt in small rivers continues. We’ve to involve all our water sources in these works that to increase the energy types in our total energy balance’.

Head of state also spoke about the significance of gasifying projects among the infrastructure projects: ‘This year’s investment program includes funds for these purposes. I think that, the gasifying level of our country can reach 90% by the year-end. These works in the regions indicate that we’ll reach this target. If we take into consideration that, a part of our country is mountainous, gasifying of these regions is unproductive and technically difficult. We’ll supply a major part of our population with gas’.

Aliyev also said that start of implementation of drinking water and sewerage projects some years ago is very significant for the country: ‘In all times, the drinking water problem was very sharp in Azerbaijan, Baku and other regions. In the regions, there were no sewerages. Baku’s sewerage system also was old. Construction works are being conducted in this sphere and we targeted to renew the infrastructure completely. I hope that the projects on drinking water will be completed by year-end. Along with this, sewerage system is also being constructed. These projects must be implemented qualitatively and in time’.

Azerbaijani President touched upon construction of highways in State Investment Program: “The highways were restored and new roads were constructed. All works in highways are about to end. Last year, AZN 100 mln was allocated both from state budget and President’s Reserve Fund. The sum will be at least same this year too”.

President Ilham Aliyev said that these works must be accorded with other infrastructure projects, especially construction of underground communication – water, gas lines must be on the agenda”.

Head of state noted that two great projects in Azerbaijan - Takhtakorpu Water Storage Reservoir-Samur-Absheron Canal and Shamkirchay water reservoir are being implemented. As a result of these projects, thousands of hectares of lands will be put into use and thousands of farmers will benefit: “These projects require a large amount of financial funds and we allocate this”.

He said that Takhtakorpu Water Storage Reservoir will be put into operation this year: ‘Shamkirchay water reservoir will probably be launched next year. These are our main infrastructure projects and main part of these projects must be completed by the year-end’.