Bakcell Sür@ and Opera Mini: High Speed Mobile Internet for Azerbaijani mobile internet customers

Bakcell Sür@ and Opera Mini: High Speed Mobile Internet for Azerbaijani mobile internet customers
# 20 February 2012 13:10 (UTC +04:00)
Opera Mini with Bakcell’s Sür@
Baku - APA-Economics. Following the successful launch of 3G Sür@ services, Bakcell launched Opera Mini for its customers which enabled them to enjoy a new mobile internet experience with a beneficial pricing model. Within the framework of partnership between Bakcell and Opera Software, which was initiated in the beginning of December 2011, Bakcell has offered its subscribers a special version of the Opera Mini browser, which provides a faster and more convenient internet usage from mobile phones. By means of Opera Mini, Bakcell subscribers are now able to have a free access to Facebook, Odnoklassniki social networks and other websites.

Opera Mini provides access to the most convenient and fastest mobile internet
Opera Mini uses patented compression technology to speed up the mobile internet experience for customers. Opera Mini is provided exclusively for subscribers of Bakcell - the First Mobile Operator and Leading Mobile Internet Provider of Azerbaijan.

According to the Netindex rating by Ookla Company, Bakcell ranks 1st place on the speed of mobile internet traffic amongst mobile operators. The ranking summed up the results of statistical indicators of Internet service providers and mobile operators of the country, whose speed was measured by customers for at least 100 times by means of or in the period between Nov 13, 2011 and Dec 12, 2011.

With the successful launch of Bakcell’s 3G Sür@ services customers were also offered Opera Mini with bundled internet access at very beneficial prices. The prices offered by Bakcell became a big surprise for mobile internet users. Thus, by paying only 0.19 AZN per day or 1.99 AZN per month, Bakcell subscribers are now able to get unlimited mobile internet bundles. All they need to do is to send an SMS to short number 6464 inserting the code for daily or monthly bundle, as “1” or “30”.

Bakcell customers can download Opera Mini by visiting from their mobile phones. The service is available for all Bakcell customers, except Blackberry tariff users.
Opera Mini worldwide

According to statistics, the majority of internet users in most of the countries worldwide prefer using mobile phones to access the global network. Therefore, the users prefer to use the Opera Mini browser for convenient and faster internet browsing.

This software, which is considered to be the most popular mobile internet browser used by millions of users worldwide, was created by Opera Software.

Opera Mini has a very convenient and easy-to-operate interface. This is not an ordinary proxy-server, as opposed to other browsers. Any user with no Opera experience at all, may start using it very easily. Opera Mini works with any device with mobile internet access: mobile phones, smartphones, personal computer, smart television sets and even car monitors, digital photo frames and game consoles. This browser is supported by more than 3000 mobile phone models and the most popular mobile platforms. Through this software, it is possible to open WAP and WWW websites designed for Symbian, Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

Today, this application is used by mobile operator subscribers all over the world to open more than 100 billion of pages per month.

What advantages does Opera Mini offer to users?

Every subscriber is able to open any website via Opera Mini. The browser is even able to save pages to memory for use while the Subscriber is in “offline” mode. Opera Mini has a very convenient navigation system. Convenient interface allows you to move through the page in a sufficiently faster paste.

It is also possible to use email and read or write blogs through Opera Mini. There is an express-panel for quick access to websites. General functions of this software include a file manager, file download, page bookmarking, picture saving, copying text from the page, screen rotation etc. In other words, you are able to use your mobile phone just like a real computer.

Why does Bakcell prefer Opera Mini?
Several versions of this software were released so far. The latest version of the browser includes a display scaling function. In general, Opera Mini was designed in such a way that it is almost impossible to feel the difference of accessing internet from a regular computer or a mobile phone. For instance, this browser allows opening several pages at the same time.
Opened pages are shown as separate tabs, just like in a regular computer. In addition, the pages’ appearance does not really differ from their original version.

Opera Mini supports Java Script, and Java loading doesn’t take more than just several seconds. The latest version of the Program includes new features such as Overview, Zooming and Landscape view.