Garachukhur Mosque arsonists explain reasons for their actions

Garachukhur Mosque arsonists explain reasons for their actions
# 16 January 2015 12:07 (UTC +04:00)

E. Behbudov told APA that the suspects of the Garachukhur Mosque arson – detainees Alakbarov Elnur Tahir oglu and Nasibov Namiq Kamil oglu – convicted under the Criminal Code’s articles #228 (illegal possession of firearms) and #214 (terrorism):

“They had no complaint about the detention conditions and treatment towards them. After an attempt to set fire to Garachukhur Mosque, they were arrested on November 27, 2014. They said they had done so as a protest because mostly Wahhabis gather in the mosque,” he added.

Note that, the MNS public relations department told APA that at 02:04 a.m. November 26, 2014, a group of persons committed arson by throwing glass bottles filled with burning liquid into Jumah Mosque located in A.Mehbaliyev Street, Garachukhur settlement, Surakhani district, Baku.

As a result of a series of anti-terrorist actions, citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan suspected of committing the crime – Nasibov Namig Kamil oglu and Alakbarov Elnur Tahir oglu – were detained

It was revealed that Namig Nasibov took part in fights in the areas under the control of PKK terrorist organization of the Syrian Arab Republic in August-September, 2014. After returning from the Syrian city Kobane, Namig Nasibov together with Elnur Alakbarov created “Yekbun”, an illegal PKK offshoot in Azerbaijan, and began to involve supporters in the organization.

On the behalf of the offshoot, Namig Nasibov and Elnur Alakbarov made calls through social networks for actions in Baku.

Moreover, with a view to decisively express their hatred against those who consider themselves as members of the Muslim denomination “Ahli Sunnah” and adhere to radical views, as well as sow fear and panic among them, Namig Nasibov and Elnur Alakbarov, who entered into a criminal conspiracy, had planned to commit terrorist attacks in places where such people crowd.

For this purpose, in the evening on November 25, 2014, Namig Nasibov and Elnur Alakbarov, arrived at Grachukhur settlement by taking various taxis for fear of surveillance, purchased 10 liters of gasoline from various filling stations with the view of committing arson in “Jumah” mosque and prepared explosive devices by spilling gasoline into the pre-acquired bottles.

At 02:04 a.m. November 26, 2014, Namig Nasibov and Elnur Alakbarov broke the doors from the front and rear of the mosque, lit the wicks of bottles filled with burning liquid, committed arson by throwing them into the mosque and fled the scene.