Father-in-law found out to have killed daughter-in-law, then himself in Shirvan - UPDATED

Father-in-law found out to have killed daughter-in-law, then himself in Shirvan - <span style="color: red;">UPDATED
# 22 January 2015 10:02 (UTC +04:00)

Shirvan. Alibey Zeynalli – APA. Some details emerged Thursday morning of the ghastly murder that had been committed in Shirvan city.

According to APA’s local bureau, the incident took place today at around 9:00 AM.

The woman who was found decapitated has been identified as Ganja city resident Sevinj Mammad gizi (1976) and her father-in-law as Shirvan city resident Kishiyev Araz Babayar oglu (1965).

It became clear that Araz Kishiyev had opposed to his son Elmir Kishiyev’s marriage to Sevinj Balakishiyeva. The family has long argued about this problem over the past year, and the father kept insisting on his son to think of divorcing, to which the woman never agreed.

One of the workers said A. Kishiyev came home at about 9:00 am and later, screams were heard in the house.

As they wanted to enter the house, the door was closed. Then, the owner of the house and law enforcement officers arrived at the scene. Balakishiyeva was stabbed on her throat and heart and Kishiyev had knife wounds only on his throat.

According to initial reports, A. Kishiyev stabbed himself after killing the woman.

Law enforcement officers and experts are investigating the case at the scene.



Shirvan. Alibay Zeynalli – APA. A ghastly murder has been committed in Shirvan region.

Balakishiyeva Sevinj Mammad and her father-in-law Kishiyev Araz Babayar were found beheaded in the apartment #15 which is under construction in Rasulzada Street in Shirvan region.

Law enforcement officers have arrived at the scene.

Investigation is underway on the fact.