Victim: Vagif Khachatryan was one of Balasanyan's closest people, together with him exchanged Khojaly captives

Victim: Vagif Khachatryan was one of Balasanyan
# 01 November 2023 12:15 (UTC +04:00)

"With the leadership of Vagif, Armenians from Badara village and other Armenian militants attacked Meshali with 1500 people. During the incident, they killed my father and mother," said Nadir Akbarov, victim and Meshali resident during Vagif Khachatryan's trial, APA reports.

He stated that they attacked the village close to the morning: "Vagif, you are the direct, biggest killer of Meshali and Khojaly. They used to call Vagif "Vagi". At the time of the incident, they urged us to leave the village in Azerbaijani using a loudspeaker. They were shooting the ones who wanted to leave at their door. Vagif does not take the responsibility now, but not only Meshaly, he was among the persons who directly attacked the Malibayli, Qushchular, and other Azerbaijani villages."

Nadir Akbarov noted that Vagif Khachatryan together with Vitaly Balasanyan exchanged the Khojaly captives in Askaran: "He was one of Balasanyan's closest people. They shot everyone, without differentiating between children, brides, and girls. I ask you to deprive him of freedom for life."