Skeletons of man and woman with arms tied with wire found in liberated area of Aghdam from occupation-VIDEO

Aghdam city

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# 28 October 2021 11:15 (UTC +04:00)

Human skeletons were found in the liberated territories of Aghdam district from occupation, APA’s local bureau reports.

The incident was recorded in place of the district called Uzundara. Skeletons were found during the excavation conducted by road construction equipment on the 37th km of the Barda-Agdam road. The bones were found about 300 meters away from the main road during excavations to provide soil for the roadbed.

It was determined that the people whose skeletons were found were buried in clothes. Witnesses said the remains of clothing around the bones belonged to a man and a woman.

APA TV employees informed law enforcement agencies as soon as they heard about it.

Law enforcement officers inspected the scene, exhumed the remains and sent them for medical examination.

The identities of those found will be known after the investigation.

It was also revealed that the skeletons were found with their arms tied with wire.