Reason for crash of SBS helicopter announced

Elchin Mammadov, First Deputy Prosecutor General

© APA | Elchin Mammadov, First Deputy Prosecutor General

# 20 December 2021 12:32 (UTC +04:00)

The black box has been opened by the specialists of the relevant producer company, with the attendance of the employees of the Prosecutor General Office and Prosecutor's Office of the Czech Republic on request for legal assistance, information over all parameters from the preparation process of the flight up to crash moment, as well as voice recordings recorded on management, have been presented to the Azerbaijani side,” said First Deputy Prosecutor General, State Counselor of Justice III degree Elchin Mammadov at the briefing held on preliminary results of the criminal case under investigation in connection with the crash of a military helicopter during training flights on November 30, APA reports.

According to him, during the control of the helicopter, with the review by Ministry of Defence, State Border Service, ASG Helicopter Services professionals, as well as with the collected evidence confirming the cases in the review, based on information on numerous parameters, in the current stage of the investigation, it has been identified that gross mistakes made by pilots contrary to the rules of operation of the helicopter, in the controlling of the helicopter, not taking into account the direction and the speed of the wind during the landing, have caused the crash of the helicopter: “According to preliminary forensic examination, the reason for the death of the people during the crash was a traumatic shock as a result of various body injuries. Due to the fact that the crashed helicopter hit the ground with a blow, the helicopter's left door and windshield were dislodged. Four people in the helicopter were thrown out, and two of them died at the scene due to the severity of their injuries, other two people injured.”

Deputy Prosecutor General said that investigation is underway.