Avaz Zeynallı sentenced to 9 years in prison - UPDATED

Avaz Zeynallı sentenced to 9 years in prison  - <span style="color: red;">UPDATED
# 12 March 2013 09:06 (UTC +04:00)

Baku. Shahriyar Alizadeh - APA. The trial of the editor-in-chief of the “Khural” newspaper Avaz Zeynalli has ended, APA reports. Prior to the hearing Avaz Zeynalli and correspondent of ANS TV channel quarreled. Zeynalli demanded ANS correspondent to be expelled from the courtroom before the hearing starts.

“Where have been you been up to now? I would not object to the coverage of the hearing by an Armenian TV channel, but I do not want ANS to cover it. Vahid Mustafayev and the entire ANS have become traitors. I will beat Mirshahin as soon as I am free,” he said.

ANS correspondent refused to leave the courtroom. Zeynalli’s relatives also demanded ANS correspondents to be expelled from the courtroom. ANS correspondents were expelled by the court supervisors.

Following this, the judgment was announced.

The fact that Zeynalli has two little children was taken into consideration when the judgment was passed. The court has sentenced Avaz Zeynalli to 9 years in prison, his right to hold a leading post in the commercial entity has been restricted for a year.

According to the judgment, AZN 4076 tax debt will be deducted from him and paid to the state budget.

It was declared that Zeynalli will serve term of his imprisonment in the common jail.

The public prosecutor had demanded 11 year-imprisonment for Avaz Zeynalli.

Avaz Zeynalli faced charges under articles # 311.3.3 and 311.3.4.

He was arrested on October 28, 2011 basing on former MP Gular Ahmedova’s appeal. The Anti-Corruption Department has launched criminal case on him under the Criminal Code articles 311.3.3 (taking in a great amount of bribes) and 311.3.4 (receiving a bribe through the use threats). Later he also faced charges on articles 306 (non-execution of a court decision) and 213.1 (tax evasion).