Armenian singer plagiarizes Azerbaijani composer Alakbar Taghiyev's song "Sene qurban"

Armenian singer plagiarizes Azerbaijani composer Alakbar Taghiyev
# 02 November 2023 14:51 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan's Intellectual Property Agency investigated the fact that the famous Azerbaijani composer Alakbar Taghiyev's musical piece "Sene qurban", which was included in the "Golden Fund" of Azerbaijan Radio in 1968, was appropriated and performed by Armenians under the name "Garun" and shared on YouTube, APA reports.

According to the Agency, the performed musical work "Garun" coincides with the musical work "Sene qurban" by the Azerbaijani composer Alakbar Taghiyev: "We inform that "Sene qurban" is a song composed by Alakbar Taghiyev to the poem of Azerbaijani poet Mikayil Mushfig and first performed by Zeynab Khanlarova in 1968. The song "Sene qurban" by the composer A. Taghiyev (the name of Mikayil Mushfig is indicated as the author of the lyrics) was registered at the Intellectual Property Agency (at that time the agency was called the Azerbaijan Republic Branch of the All-Union Copyright Agency) on June 10, 1978.

Later, this song was performed in Armenian under the name "Garun" (Translated into Azerbaijani "Bahar") by Armenian singers Tigran Asatryan, Spitakci Hayko, Iranian-American pop singer Andranik Madadyan and others.

The Armenian-born singer A. Madadyan changed the lyrics of the song "Sene qurban" by the Azerbaijani composer Alakbar Taghiyev and sang it under the name "Garun" (Translated into Englsh "Spring") in order to lose track. The mentioned fact is another example of Armenian literary and music theft that has been going on for many years.

In the "information" section given about the music piece "Garun" posted on the YouTube channel, the personal rights of the author were not mentioned, and the property rights of Alakber Taghiyev were violated from the point of view of placing it on the YouTube channel for commercial purposes.