Armenians kill an Azerbaijani soldier, wound the other – UPDATED-2

 Armenians kill an Azerbaijani soldier, wound the other – <font color=red>UPDATED-2</font>
# 26 December 2008 08:42 (UTC +04:00)
APA’s Karabakh bureau reports that four servicemen of Armenian armed forces crossed the territory controlled by Azerbaijani Army in Gapanli village of Terter region and fired at the soldiers. They killed a soldier, wounded the other, took their arms and returned.
According to initial reports, a group of Armenian intelligence officers approached the post, introduced themselves as commanders and said they wanted to check the post. When one of the soldiers understood that they were not commanders, the enemy began to fire. Khashayev Uzeyir Elshad, 19, who had been drafted from Zagatala, was killed. The other soldier Sheyibov Islam Sheyib was wounded. He was also reportedly drafted from Zagatala.
Killed soldier was from Danachi village of Zagatala Region, wounded one from Yukhari Tala village of Zagatala region.
To get information from Defense Ministry was unavailable.

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