The oldest woman aged 127 lives in Azerbaijan

The oldest woman aged 127 lives in Azerbaijan
# 26 September 2007 15:01 (UTC +04:00)
127-year old Bayaz Khalilova has 5 children, 28 grandchildren and 47 great grandchildren. Her eldest child is 80 year old, smallest is 60 year old.
“I have seen Nadir shah, Nikolay. I have always worked. I worked mostly in collective-farm. I did everything, mowed, planted, grew potato, corn. We had much trouble in Soviet times. People were working from morning till night for paying taxes. Now the government takes care of people,” she said.
She attributed her long life with air, water and amiable people of Gedebey region.
“Kollu residents and residents of surrounding villages always respected me. Air and water is beautiful here. Neither village resident, nor Shinikh people offended me, they always respected me. My children, grandchildren take care after me. Air and water of the region is medicine, I would never live long life if I was in Baku or in another city.
Bayaz Khalilova has lived three centuries and she is one of the witnesses Armenian massacres.
“Armenians killed my mother, aunts, uncles when I was child. Armenians killed my mother and aunts when they were taking cattle to water. Though my uncles had my mother and aunts’ revenge, Armenians killed them in Tovuz and on the bank of Kyur.
Though Bayaz Khalilova is 127 year old, she observes shariat principles.
“I perform the ritual prays of Islam every day, fast in Ramadan, read Koran every day,” she said.
She was born in Kollu village of Gedebey in 1980 and though she is the oldest person on Earth her name has not yet been included to the Guinness Book of Records. /APA/
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