Azerbaijani Deputy Prime Minister: “The situation is very strain”

Azerbaijani Deputy Prime Minister: “The situation is very strain”
# 08 May 2010 13:37 (UTC +04:00)
There is 18 meter of depth there. We try to send technical equipments there. Large pieces of stone, concrete and rock were brought to the area. It will be used for restoration of the dam destroyed by Kur River in a few hours”, said Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Abid Sharifov, APA reports. He said the dam should restored gradually because if high pressure. ”There is high rise of water level in both Kur and Araz rivers. The maximum level of the water should be 1800 c/s, it has already reached 2400 c/s. The Iranian officials also promised to help us”.

Totally 400 excavators, 450 bulldozers and nearly 5000 people were involved in the dam construction work throughout the banks.

Sharifov said unstable weather conditions tackled the construction work. He said meteorologists forecasted unstable weather on May 10-11 too. “The situation is very bad, but we will continue to take necessary measures”.

Sharifov denied reports that local residents were surrounded by water. He said there was no need in humanitarian assistance and the Ministry of Emergency Situations organized immediate evacuation of the people from the disaster zone. He said two tent camps were set up in Shirvan and Sabirabad stadiums. The internal troops are guarding the houses left by their residents. Rescue forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are controlling the areas.

Sharifov called on the population to be careful. “One person became missing. The rescuers are searching for them. Some residents refuse to leave their homes. But they have to understand that it is not a time of heroism”.

The deputy prime minister said they have not calculated material losses yet. He said most of the houses were built from raw bricks and therefore they were removed.

A brigade of doctors were sent form Baku to the disaster area.
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