Azerbaijani Human Rights Commissioner: Detention of more persons in cells than destined can be regarded as torture

Azerbaijani Human Rights Commissioner: Detention of more persons in cells than destined can be regarded as torture
# 30 March 2010 11:15 (UTC +04:00)
Sometimes more persons are held in the detention facilities, there are no or few beds, medical aid is weak, sanitary, hygienic and epidemiological rules are not observed, person suffering from open tuberculosis is held together with a healthy person, this can be regarded not only as humiliation but also as torture against them,” says the annual report presented by Azerbaijan’s Human Rights Commissioner Elmira Suleymanova to the parliament, APA reports. It is noted that the Human Rights Commissioner and representatives of the Commissioner’s office monitored temporary detention facilities of region, district, city police offices, detention facility for administrative detainees of Baku Main Police Office, temporary detention facilities of Interior Ministry’s Department to Combat Organized Crimes, Department to Combat Illegal Migration and Department to Combat Human Trafficking of Passport, Registration and Migration Office 294 times, Justice Ministry’s Penitentiary Service 108 times, detention facility of National Security Ministry 2 times. According to the report, the detainees mainly complained of the investigation and court decisions.

Human Rights Commissioner appealed to the chiefs of related police offices, departments, when necessary to Azerbaijani Prosecutor General, Interior Ministry or Justice Ministry for eliminating the irregularities, shortcomings. As a result of these appeals, a number of employees were punished administratively for irregularities, measures were taken to eliminate the shortcomings.
“Human Rights Commissioner investigates the cases connected with inhuman, cruel treatment, report like national preventive mechanism for 2009 is prepared.”

The Commissioner attaches special attention to the health conditions of the detainees and addressed the parliament and the Ministry of Finance to increase medical and nutrition expenditures for the investigative isolators and to review the relevant normative acts. She proposed to take these recommendations into consideration during the discussion of state budget 2010 at the parliament.

The Commissioner also proposed to accelerate the construction of new isolators in the regions for avoiding additional transport expenditures and other problems.

She also noted about the problems with providing the citizens with passports and identity cards, as well as temporary registration cards for the foreigners.

The Commissioner underlined the protection of honor and working authority, as well as freedom of speech and healthy conditions as the important duty of the country, which contains democratic values.

The report also mentioned the freedom of conscience. It said more than 700 religious communities submitted their documents for the government registration and 232 of them were already registered.