Azerbaijani MFA: Armenia’s president strains the difficult situation more - UPDATED

Azerbaijani MFA: Armenia’s president strains the difficult situation more - <span style="color: red;">UPDATED
# 16 January 2013 15:05 (UTC +04:00)

Sargysan strains the difficult situation more for the sake of his own and internal and external forces’ purposes,” Spokesman for Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Elman Abdullayev told APA while commenting on the recent statements of Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan. He said that although Serzh Sargsyan tries to create a picture of deepening hostility between the two peoples, pragmatic and far-sighted strategy Azerbaijan will not allow it: “Azerbaijan has always been and will be a center of tolerance and peaceful co-existence of different peoples, regardless of their nationality or religion.”

Abdullayev said about 30 000 Armenians lived in Azerbaijan and equal conditions were created for all citizens in the country: “It seems that Armenia’s president with his speeches and aggressive rhetoric is doing everything possible to harm the future integration of the region”

The Azerbaijani spokesman noted that trying to show itself as an innocent victim, Armenia continues to flagrantly violate international law: “Armenian is an aggressor country and is recognized so by the international community. Expansionism and occupation can not be provided with international legal support. They should stop deceiving their people.”

Touching on the statements that Sargsyan accuses Azerbaijan of soldiers’ death on the contact line Abdullayev said that it was Armenia’s fault: “What is Armenian army doing in the territory of Azerbaijan? Our position is so clear: Withdrawal of the Armenian troops from Azerbaijan’s territories will pave the way to the development of peace process.”