Azerbaijani and Armenian parties’ leaders quarrel at international event in Baku

Azerbaijani and Armenian parties’ leaders quarrel at international event in Baku
# 23 November 2012 08:49 (UTC +04:00)

According to him, the use of the word “occupation” is not proper. Following Hovannisian’s speech, chairman of the Social Democrat Party of Azerbaijan Araz Alizadeh considered his ideas as “barefaced lie”. Alizadeh mentioned ruthless killing of innocent civilians, including babies and elderly people in Khojaly town.

Chairman of Democratic Reforms Party of Azerbaijan, MP Asim Mollazadeh touched again on the complete destruction of Khojaly town, savage killing and burning of children, women and elderly people by Armenians.

Deputy executive secretary of YAP Mubariz Gurbanlı underlined that he was obliged to change his speech due to the statement of Raffi Hovannisian.

“Chairmen of opposition parties Azerbaijan Social Democrat Party and Democratic Reforms Party, who addressed the event earlier, also spoke about the fact of occupation, condemned occupation of Azerbaijani territories by Armenia. It shows that the opposition and ruling parties share unique opinion on Nagorno Karabakh, that is, our territories must be liberated,” he said.

YAP representative said historically the borders defining Azerbaijan’s territories were broad enough.

“If Azerbaijan starts making claims for historical lands, chaos will occur in the world,” he said.

Mubariz Gurbanlı said Azerbaijan and Armenia are members of the UN, and therefore both countries must abide by the resolutions of the UN Security Council. He mentioned that the UN Security Council passed four resolutions on the occupied Azerbaijani territories.

The moderator of the event said Hovannisian wants to speak again, he will be given two minutes.

The event is being continued.