MFA: Armenia does not withdraw remnants of its army contrary to trilateral statement

Azerbaijani MFA

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# 28 March 2022 19:36 (UTC +04:00)

"We resolutely reject the completely untrue and fabricated statement of the Armenian Foreign Ministry on the situation in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, " APA reports citing information of Azerbaijani MFA.

"Firstly, we remind the Armenian side once again that comments regarding Azerbaijan's sovereign territories is an attempt of this country to interfere with the domestic issues of Azerbaijan and a violation of international law. It seems that Armenia, which has remained a part of Azerbaijan's territory under military occupation for nearly 30 years by using force, depriving more than a million Azerbaijanis of the right to live in their homes through ethnic cleansing, has apparently become accustomed to violating international law.

Accusing Azerbaijan of not complying with the trilateral statement of November 9, 10, 2020, Armenia is a party blowing to the normalization process between the two countries by violating the provisions of the signed joint statement, despite the opportunities for cooperation in the region after the end of the conflict.

It is Armenia that continues its open territorial claims against Azerbaijan in the post-conflict phase and raises this issue, including at the level of the Foreign Ministry, in every statement made by Azerbaijan on the Karabakh region. It is Armenia that, contrary to Article 4 of the trilateral statement, still does not withdraw the remnants of Armenian armed forces from the region. Armenia violates Article 6 of the statement and continues to send servicemen to the region through the Lachin corridor. This fact has been confirmed by the international media.

We would like to emphasize that the demand of the Azerbaijani side is not for the citizens of Armenian origin living in the Karabakh region of the country, but for the removal of the remnants of illegal Armenian military units from the region, as reflected in the tripartite statement. The fact that the Armenian Foreign Ministry is deliberately distorting this issue and presenting it under the name of "ethnic cleansing" exposes the real intentions of Armenia.

Armenia, which is making false appeals to the international community with false accusations, must understand that ensuring peace and stability in the region depends only on the unconditional implementation of all the provisions of the trilateral declaration. All other steps taken by Armenia against the joint statement will only hinder the peace-building process.

When it comes to the issues regarding Russian peacekeepers that temporarily deployed in the territories of Azerbaijan, the relevant statements of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan provided detailed information in this regard," noted in the information.